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Just as the Hanza was built on international trading using every available means of transport, our business brings together a cosmopolitan working team lead by our Co-Founders


Patrick L Young

Patrick L Young wrote the original bestselling book of “fintech” “Capital Market Revolution!” published by the Financial Times on July 1st 1999.

He is a former stock exchange CEO, currently executive director of Valereum Blockchain (AQSE: VLRM) and publishes the daily newsletter of the exchange industry read by significant players in market structure worldwide.

Patrick’s most recent book “Victory or Death” looks at “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of FinTech.” His OpEds have been published worldwide including the AFR, Boersen Zeitung, FT and WSJ.

Chief Empathy Officer

Beata Young

A serial entrepreneur from Poland, Beata Chairs Mission ToRun, a startup community she co-founded in the birthplace of Copernicus. Building on that 500 year innovative legacy, Beata created tech cafe coworking space Hanza Cafe where she mentored women and startups from around the CEE region and beyond.

In Malta Beata is in the vanguard of business diversity and particularly her latest venture, Women On IT, a Malta based movement dedicated to changing the gender dynamic of the #BlockchainIsland and beyond.

Leszek W Król - www.leszekkrol.com - Blog o budowaniu marki, storytellingu, grywalizacji oraz sprzedaży
Chief Technology Officer

Leszek W Król

For almost 2 decades, Leszek has been passionate about new technologies. Actively operating in the startup ecosystem, he has been both an entrepreneur and mentor to companies across the EMEA region, designing strategies as well as developing new apps and services.

The author of several dozen scientific articles on the use of new technologies in combination with gamification published in Poland and abroad, Leszek has been an early adopter of Augmented Reality technology in the education and retail industry.

As Co-creator of over 500 IT projects in sectors ranging from education to ecommerce. Leszek has worked with clients such as McDonalds, Nestle, Mattle, Trefl and Toyota.

About us

Making FinTech Mobile

HanzeaTech is a mobile-first developer of financial technology with users across the world.

Our operations are entirely digital but our thesis is rooted in world trade, reflected in our name: a play on "Hanseatic" the original international trading league from the middle ages.

The League traders enjoyed duty-free treatment, protection, and diplomatic privileges in affiliated communities and their trade routes. Hanseatic cities developed a common legal system governing their merchants and goods and operated their own armies for mutual defense and aid. Reduced barriers to trade, and the resulting prosperity, gave way to economic interdependence, kinship ties among merchant families, and mutual trust.

Whether or not you believe in the "Capital Market Revolution!" theory of financial technology as first espoused by our chairman in 1999, it is clear that Fintech is changing the ways finance works and the ways we can all interact in new ways with a broad range of financial services.

To that end, HanzeaTech was born 'mobile first' to deliver a full development service around servicing the full stack of possible financial technology services which enable seamless customer interaction with a wide variety of financial / investment / trading platforms.

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Chairman: Patrick L Young

Our chairman wrote the first fintech bestseller "Capital Market Revolution!" published by the FT in 1999. He's an experienced exchange CEO and produces the sort of thought leadership the world's leading bourse bosses read insatiably.

Chief Empathy Officer: Beata Young

A startup guru with diverse passions, Beata drives HanzeaTech forward by "hacking the future" each and every day.

Chief Technology Officer: Leszek Krol

Our tech 'big brain' Leszek is so driven by being mobile-first and agile for all projects, he flies planes in his spare time.