Making FinTech Mobile


HanzeaTech is a mobile-first developer of financial
technology with users across the world.

Our most popular services


Mobile First

Our approach is to develop from the cell phone (tablets and all mobile devices) out.

PC Compatible

All our software can be used as native on computers regardless of operating system.

Cloud Enabled

All our software can be driven from a scalable cloud anywhere in the world to be close to your business and your customers

Regulatory Compliance

Our software is developed by experienced financial and IT experts who understand regulations.


HanzeaTech designs and builds solutions for markets and Fintech of any kind.

  • Validating my product idea
  • Creating an MVP
  • Scale an existing product
  • Driving more sales
  • Cutting costs
  • Connectivity for a new Platform Assembling / Building a new market platform / service
  • Others
  • For further details on our capabilities and capacity please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Process

Future is brighter when you're strategically more prepared


Case Analysis

All our products solve problems
and deliver a mobile-centric solution in a world where our cellphones are ubiquitous.


Strategic Advice

We tailor next generation solutions
smoothly and cost effectively to deliver your strategic advantage.


Insight Implementation

We were defining the fintech world
decades ago (back before the Kindle was a thing).